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Affiliate Program

Become an OddBalls affiliate and share the rewards of our growing brand. Earn money with the OddBalls partner programme by advertising our products and subscription offering on your website.

About OddBalls

OddBalls was established in 2014 with two main objectives;

  1. Providing YOU with the best underwear in the World
  2. To raise awareness & money for charities.

We have been lucky enough to be supported by some of the biggest celebrities and sports stars in the world. Alan Shearer, Dame Kelly Holmes, Ant & Dec, Shane Williams and James Haskell to name just a few. We also work alongside Premier League Football, International Rugby and Country Cricket teams among many other sporting organisations.

Since 2014, we have grown into a well-known underwear brand with thousands of you wearing OddBalls every single day. Our range has expended rapidly with socks, hats, pyjamas and sportswear all available online.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the OddBalls underwear revolution today. From bold to bright, boring to brilliant, we have something for everyone.

Earn Money

Add value to your website and generate additional revenue by becoming an OddBalls affiliate. Every time a visitor to your site buys from us, you earn commission on the sale. It is FREE to join and only requires you to put a link from your website to ours. As an OddBalls affiliate, you can earn up to 4% of the order value in commission on all sales (excluding VAT and delivery) generated from your website. In some special cases, we may be able to offer commission increases in exchange for increased exposure.

Key Benefits

  • 4% of the order value in commission on all sales generated
  • 2% of the order value in commission per sale for all voucher code affiliates
  • Exclusive time-limited offers for your followers and readers
  • 30 day cookie period
  • No monthly targets to achieve, simply join and start earning
  • Fantastic range of creative for you to use onsite, bespoke creatives created on request
  • Dedicated point of contact at OddBalls to help you with anything you need

Who Can Join?

Anyone can become an OddBalls affiliate. Your site must be entirely reputable and we reserve the right to decline any application that we feel is unsuitable. We request that affiliates do not bid on our brand name ‘OddBalls’, typos of our brand name or variations that include ‘.com’ or typos of that. It also includes phrases that contain our brand along with a generic word. Please see the terms and conditions on AWIN for more information on this. How Do I Join? Joining is FREE, simple and straightforward. Joining is FREE, simple and straightforward. Apply to join the OddBalls Affiliate Programme with AWIN. Just sign up here and you are ready to start earning money!

You can find OddBalls under the ID 16875 in AWIN. Please do not hesitate to contact the OddBalls team on should you require any further information.

Join The OddBalls Affiliate Program